Artist’s Statement

Every journey has an internal reflection. My work is a record of an exploration of self and other, through direction and place. The narrative is articulated using the language of abstraction and metaphor. The final image is a shadow memory of the creative journey.

The finished work requires a viewer. The image demands to be seen, this is how it becomes alive. A new narrative is forged between the image and the viewer. The relationship developed between the image and viewer depends on the interplay and resonance between the image and the viewer’s memories, dreams and experiences.

The title of a piece may direct the viewer to make a specific relationship with it. I prefer the relationship between the viewer and my work to be unmediated by titles; the ones I provide are merely my introduction of the image to the viewer.

I earn my living from Graphic Recording. This is a method of recording the content and process of business meetings, events and conferences in a graphic format.

My passion is printmaking. I have learned from Graphic recording that a graphic representation of something requires little veracity to be fully understood by an observer.

The fact that all of the Abrahamic religions have taboos against image making attests to the power of mark making as a way of making the invisible visible.

I am currently undertaking research into the mark making potential of electro etching as an alternative to traditional acid etching. The results so far are encouraging, particularly in the ability to make painterly and calligraphic marks that are difficult to achieve with traditional techniques. Electro etching produces plates that can be used for both intaglio and relief printing, they also have a tactile quality and can be viewed as works of art in their own right.

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