Professional Development

B.A. (First Class Honours)

M.A. (with Distinction)

PhD. (Fine Art) 2017

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Glyndwr University School of Art.

Recent Exhibitions and Residencies

Solo Exhibition

Alchemy of Corrosion

Edition Contemporary Arts Liverpool

July – September 2017

Carbon Meets Silicon

Exhibits and Presentation of paper

September – December 2017

Solo Exhibition

Research into the Art of Corrosion

Oriel Sychart Gallery 

April – June 2017

Recent Posts

Bog Images and Climate Change

In a natural state peat lands act as a long term sink for for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bogs which are actively forming peat play an important role in combating climate change by removing excess carbon dioxide from the air and keeping it in storage for thousands of years. Their capacity for undertaking this function is far greater than forests. They also act to purify water and reduce the risk of flooding by absorbing, holding and slowly releasing water.

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