Professional Development

B.A. (First Class Honours)

M.A. (with Distinction)

PhD. (Fine Art) 2017

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Glyndwr University School of Art.

Recent Exhibitions and Residencies

Solo Exhibition

Alchemy of Corrosion

Edition Contemporary Arts Liverpool

July – September 2017

Carbon Meets Silicon

Exhibits and Presentation of paper

September – December 2017

Solo Exhibition

Research into the Art of Corrosion

Oriel Sychart Gallery 

April – June 2017

Recent Posts

New Electroplating Book


At last a twenty-first Electroplating in the home workshop can seem a daunting task due to the range of chemicals, the unfamiliar processes and the underlying chemistry involved. However, the results of a well-cleaned item and a well-maintained electrolyte are overwhelmingly impressive and, compared to sending parts to be industrially electroplated, are very cost effective. The practical advice given in Electroplating will provide you with the confidence and ability to create an electroplating tank of your own. This book will guide you through each of the processes and the equipment needed to start your own plating system and, alongside detailed step-by-step photographs and diagrams, provide instructions on their most effective use. Gateros Plating

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