Further Experimentation with Electrotyping

Getting playful and experimental after the academic rigour of the PhD.

First photograph as the artefacts came out of the electrolytic cell. They all had a total of 36 hours of electrolysis. The medallions are 5.5 x 8 cm. and 5.0 x 8 cm. and the buddha head 13 x 8 cm.IMG_0151

The larger off the medallions weighs 33.9 gm. and the smaller 26.1 gm. the Buddha head 38.6 gm.

Electrometallurgy sculpture easier and cheaper to do at home than lost wax.

The electro forming of sculpture has a number of advantages over the lost wax process, the major one being that the sculptor can do it in a home studio.

This piece is 30 cm. high.

The whole process took less than twenty four hours.