Copper sulphate

Saline Sulphate & Electro- Etching Workshop Regional Print Centre Wrexham

Saline sulphate and electro-etching with Don Braisby  1/2 June 2017 10:00-16:00 This workshop will teach two etching processes that can be used to etch at home or in a classroom situation, these are saline sulphate and electro-etching. Both processes have been described as being ‘safe etching’ however in this workshop we will focus on their …

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Etching Is The Control Of Corrosion

This zinc plate has been allowed to corrode all the way through in places. The original batteries made to produce electricity in the 1830s were made by hanging a plate of copper and one of zinc in a solution of copper sulphate. Thomas Spencer observed that copper was deposited on the copper plate (the cathode, …

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Present state

My research into electro-etching is based on the following testable assumptions that: Intaglio etching remains popular today with artists because of the creativity of its line, tonal range and gravitas of expression. Traditional acid based printmaking studio is considered to be an unhealthy and hazardous work environment. In response, to the increased cost of providing …

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This is an electrotype cast made from a ceramic model of the face of Buddha. The model is a Raku fired ceramic piece made by my father. I made the mould from general purpose RTV silicone rubber. The inside of the mold was given several coat of copper conductive paint and then placed in an …

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Self Etching Battery – Passive Galv-Etch

This etching process was first described by Cedric green on his website and by Alphonso Crugera in his recently published Handbook. In this process the cell becomes a self etching battery.   When two metals with different potentials are placed together in electrical contact in an electrolyte, one metal will act as anode and the …

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