Cocooning is a body of work produced whilst Cocooning during the initial phase of the Covid - 19 Pandemic. The full body of work includes sketchbooks, photographs and video footage. The images presented here are hybrid digital prints made from drawings, paintings and prints.

Bog Images and Climate Change

In a natural state peat lands act as a long term sink for for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bogs which are actively forming peat play an important role in combating climate change by removing excess carbon dioxide from the air and keeping it in storage for thousands of years. Their capacity for undertaking this function is far greater than forests. They also act to purify water and reduce the risk of flooding by absorbing, holding and slowly releasing water.

Sunrise on Jacob’s Island Cork

I have been photographing the sunrise since we arrived here to live in November. This selection is random, the intention is to make a daily record of the sunrise here as part of the ‘Sea Change Project’ that I am working on with Frances Carlile and Jane Harding. I am researching the possibility of live streaming a daily video of the sunrise to be used as part of an installation at the exhibition.

The Holes where the Light Gets In

Getting to that interesting phase where the research and enquiry into responding to the subject, in this case Sea Change, moves into the making stage. The artefacts represented here are copper plates made by stereotyping a modern version alchemy using electrolysis. There are over thirty plates measuring 50 cm. x 20 cm. In the process of manufacture they have become richly patinated. The plan is to make more plates and mount them as six wall plaques measuring 55 cm. x 120 cm. Telling a narrative of fragmentation and deterioration.