Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light  is an evolving collaborative project about the complex fragility of the Earth. Working together with Frances Carlile and Jane Harding, but each making our own work, we aim to create a reflective and imaginative space, using sculpture, print, drawing and film.
In these works darkness and light is a metaphor for the intuitive perception of similarity in dissimilarity by bringing together elements that are separate in space and time to develop ideas, and insights through re-presentation. 

Motion Graphics provides a medium for the visual artist to work, in time, motion, and space.   The videos use drawings, prints, still photographs and recordings collaged together to examine the theme of ‘Dark and Light’. The narrative is the living forest the images convey the interdependent nature of life and the co-dependency of living forms. The images are inspired by the many intertwined networks that exist in the forest. As well as the sprawling networks formed by the branches above ground, and the roots below there is the Wood Wide Web of mycorrhizal fungi which can link trees in shared networks both informing and feeding them. These web like networks reflect the patterns created by nerve systems and blood vessels in the body and the swirling gas, dust, stars and their solar systems that form a galaxy.     

Wetlands Heritage A Pictorial Exploration

In a natural state peat lands act as a long term sink for for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bogs which are actively forming peat play an important role in combating climate change by removing excess carbon dioxide from the air and keeping it in storage for thousands of years. Their capacity for undertaking this function is far greater than forests. They also act to purify water and reduce the risk of flooding by absorbing, holding and slowly releasing it.

The ancients are said to have believed that the wetlands were the meeting place of  the seen and the unseen worlds.