Hartsheath Project

The Hartsheath Project.

The project originated at the Regional Print Centre Symposium in 2017 following and inspired by a presentation from The Common Ground Project of Jason Hicklin, Greg Fuller and Tracy Hill

The project grew from shared conversations with two members about the stories that their walks were uncovering about the area around Pontblyddyn and the Hartsheath estate.

Four more members joined the original two to take a monthly walk together over a year and to originate a printmaking project.

Research was undertaken through literature, the local Records Office, online through the National Library of Wales and collecting personal and verbal histories through conversations with people from the local area. The project team used the research, the time spent walking through the landscape, conversations, field notes and sketches to develop a deeper understanding of it and to inform the artwork.

A group presentation was made on the Hartsheath Project, at the Regional Print Centre’s Symposium in February 2018

The group defined its objectives to be:

  • As a group exploring a defined landscape in order to make individual expressions in print media.
  • The landscape being Pontblyddyn with Hartsheath as its centre.
  • Present an exhibition of work at the Hartsheath Summer Fete and another at Theatre Clwyd in December 2018.

At the summer fete over a hundred people visited the exhibition of the groups work, many of the visitors prompted by the images they saw recollected memories of the estate and local history. The group also demonstrated printmaking and supported members of the public to make prints. 

The project has made active links with the local history group and the community of Pontblyddyn and Pont y bodkin. Members are still meeting and making work from their walks



Acknowledgments to:

Johanna and Miranda Kaufman of Hartsheath

Jim Creed of the Regional print Centre

The Flintshire Records Office

The National Library of Wales