Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

Meeting Graphics is a tool that aids the creative process, in meetings by making the invisible visible, the intangible tangible, and implicit explicit.

It provides an explicit group memory by capturing the thoughts, conversations, stories, and metaphors of the participants in real time in a way that makes them available to the whole meeting. The record can be shared with others, or used as a reminder or presentation tool at subsequent meetings.

The Advantages Of Using Graphic Recording

  • The richness of the whole picture can be seen at a glance.
  • Links can be identified and drawn out.
  • Participants get drawn in and involved.
  • A visual dialogue is created during which participants construct new meaning and gain new insights.
  • When participants see what is being recorded they feel acknowledged and have a way of checking accuracy and becoming engaged with the process

Using large displays for giving presentations, recording and facilitating meetings has many advantages over using flip charts and PowerPoint. Its non linear nature means that it is an integrative big picture technology that takes the takes the recording and presentations of meetings beyond the mere presentation and recording of lists.

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