Sea Change

Sea Change – A Celebration and A Lament

Sea Change Is a celebration of the sea, the weather systems of the earth and a lament for the shadows cast by climate change.

Frances Carlile, Jane Harding and Are collaborating to produce a show consisting of sculpture, printing and related work. The pieces will be our individual responses to our shared conversations, ideas and techniques. 

My intention is to use this page to share some of the ideas and work that I am developing as part of this collaborative venture.

Double exposure of a road across a tree ladened bog

Photogravure etch plates plates from photographs of a bog in Tipperary Ireland.

Getting to that interesting phase where the research and enquiry into responding to the subject moves into the making stage. The artefacts represented here are copper plates made by stereotyping a modern version alchemy using electrolysis to plate a latex mold with copper. the mold was taken from a piece of fired wood. There are over thirty plates measuring 50 cm. x 20 cm. In the process of manufacture they have become richly patinated. The plan is to make more plates and mount them as six wall plaques measuring 55 cm. x 120 cm. Telling a narrative of fragmentation and deterioration.